Upgrading Your Huawei Modem Firmware: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to update your Huawei modem firmware through the interface but don’t know where to start? In this article, we will guide you through the whole process step by step, making it easy for you to upgrade and optimize your device.

Huawei is one of the leading manufacturers of modems, and the company regularly releases firmware updates to keep its devices running efficiently. Upgrading your firmware will not only enhance your device’s performance but also add new features, as well as fix bugs and other issues.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Check for Your Device’s Compatibility

Before upgrading your modem’s firmware, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your device. Huawei regularly provides updated firmware versions for their modems to improve performance and add new features.

To check if a firmware upgrade is available, go to the official Huawei website and navigate to the support section, where you can find the latest firmware versions for your modem. Ensure the firmware upgrade you’re downloading is meant for your device by checking its model and version number.

Step 2: Download the Latest Firmware Upgrade

Once you have confirmed the firmware upgrade’s compatibility with your device, you can proceed to download it. Downloading the latest upgrade is vital as it will ensure you have the most up-to-date firmware, which will lead to the best performance and security for your device.

Visit the official Huawei website and navigate to the support section to locate the latest firmware upgrade for your device. After finding the firmware upgrade, download the file and save it to your computer’s hard drive.

Step 3: Connect the Modem to your Computer

The next step is to connect your modem to your computer. You should disconnect any other device from it while performing this upgrade. Connect the modem to your computer using the included USB cable. Some newer Huawei modems may automatically install drivers required to enable a connection between your computer and the modem.

If your modem doesn’t install the driver automatically, you can download and install the driver manually from the official Huawei website.

Step 4: Access the Modem’s Web Interface

Once you’ve set up your modem and established a connection, you should be able to access its web interface. This interface is where you can upgrade your modem’s firmware.

To access the web interface, open a web browser on your computer and type in the modem’s local IP address. This IP address is typically indicated in the product manual that came with the device, and it’s usually or

After entering the IP address in the browser’s address bar, you should see the modem’s web interface homepage.

Step 5: Log into the Web Interface

The next step is to log in to the modem’s web interface. By default, the login username and password are “admin.” If this doesn’t work, try entering the device’s serial number as the password.

If you’ve changed the login credentials and you don’t have them anymore, you can reset the modem to its factory default settings by pressing and holding the reset button on the modem’s back for 10 seconds. This will erase all the custom settings, including the login credentials.

Step 6: Navigate to the Firmware Upgrade Section

Now that you’ve logged in to the modem’s web interface, you can proceed to the firmware upgrade section. The location of this section may vary depending on the modem model and version you’re using.

Typically, you can find the firmware upgrade section under the “Settings” or “Maintenance” menu. Once you’ve located the firmware upgrade section, click on it to open the firmware upgrade window.

Step 7: Start the Upgrade Process

Once you’re in the firmware upgrade section, you’ll see a button that allows you to load the firmware upgrade file you downloaded earlier.

Click on this button and select the firmware upgrade file you downloaded from the official Huawei website. Wait for the upgrade process to complete, which may take a few minutes. During the upgrade process, do not unplug or switch off the modem, as this may cause the upgrade to fail, potentially rendering your device unusable.

Once the upgrade process is complete, you’ll receive a notification on the web interface indicating that the upgrade was successful. You can then restart the modem to activate the new firmware upgrade.

Step 8: Verify the Upgrade

After restarting the modem, you can verify whether the upgrade was successful by checking the firmware version.

Log back into the modem’s web interface and go to the firmware upgrade section. The web interface should display the new firmware version.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully upgraded your Huawei modem firmware through the interface. Enjoy the improved performance and added features the new firmware brings.


Upgrading your Huawei modem firmware may seem like a daunting task, but with this comprehensive guide, it’s a breeze. Simply follow the steps we’ve outlined above, and you’ll have your modem firmware upgraded in no time.

Remember to always ensure that you download the latest firmware upgrade from the official Huawei website and follow the upgrade process carefully to avoid any mishaps.

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1. Can I perform a firmware upgrade on a Huawei modem that’s not compatible?

No, attempting to upgrade your modem’s firmware using an incompatible firmware upgrade file could render the device unusable. Always ensure that the firmware upgrade you’re downloading is meant for your specific modem model and version.

2. Can I upgrade my Huawei modem firmware using a wireless connection?

No, you must have a wired connection to your modem via the included USB cable. A wireless connection may not be stable enough to support the firmware upgrade process, and the upgrade could fail.

3. What if the upgrade fails, and my modem becomes unusable?

If the upgrade fails, try again using a compatible firmware upgrade file. If the device becomes unusable after the upgrade, you should contact Huawei support for assistance.