What is the jitter? 2022

What is the Jitter?

Jitter can be translated into English as vibration and is the change between reaction times on the internet.

How should the jitter score be?

Good links have a reliable and consistent response time, which means the lower vibration score is better. The higher the vibration score, the greater the resulting inconsistent connection response times.

In short: the higher the number of jitter / score; in online games, videos, voice calls, etc. The internet connection becomes unstable, it becomes unstable, and the time it takes to reach you increases, the reaction time gets longer. This means that the quality of your line on the internet drops.

Jitter is a problematic phenomenon in real-time communication such as IP telephony and video conferencing, especially in Multiplayer games. It is also a serious problem for hosted desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Vibration can cause audio and video artifacts (unwanted bias or inconsistency) that degrade communication quality.

Jitter test

To test the current jitter of your internet line, you can use hiztestix.com You can use the speed test tool.

You can perform the current download / download, upload / upload, ping and jitter test of your internet by doing 5 consecutive tests. The average of 5 results will give you the average value of your internet line, computer, modem. If you do one test, you can believe the wrong results.

If you say why? ADSL, VDSL internet values, which are the most widely used connection types in the world, work instantly and are not stable. Internet line values ​​are more stable on satellite internet.