What is a ping? What does it do? 2022

What is Ping? What does it do? 2022

Ping is a word we’re familiar with the internet. Ping is a term used to determine how fast data travels from one location to the opposite position.

Ping Example

It represents the delay in the time interval that the internet connected to a computer takes to connect to the opposite website. The lower the ping value, the higher the internet speed and efficiency. The higher the ping, the lower the internet speed and efficiency. For example: We can express our connection speed to Google.com with the ping value. As soon as we type Google.com and press enter, the time between the full opening of the Google.com page gives us the ping value.

Ping History

Ping started out as a program that allows you to send a test signal to another computer to see if it exists and how fast it responds. Ping sends an electronic data “packet” to a specified IP address and “waits” for an electronic signal / tone known as a “pong”.

Ping and Delay

These days, ping is important to test how long it takes data to travel from your computer, go through various Internet connections and nodes, reach the computer on the other side, and return to you. This data is then calculated to determine how fast the connection to the other computer is and how fast a particular data transfer can be completed.

What is Ping in Game?

Also known as latency, ping speed is a number that corresponds to latency measured in milliseconds (for example, 30ms) on the internet. The higher the number, the more data transfer latency you may experience and detect when you are online. Pinging in online game, especially if you are playing first person shooting or driving games, you want the delay to be less than 30ms. For the rest of us anything under 100ms would be good enough. There is no mention of ping in offline, offline game.

Early Ping Test

The ping test was important during the day as a time saving for people when sending files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), a special way of using the Internet to send a file directly from one computer to another. This still used process was used more often before it became easy to attach and send large files to others via email.

If the sending computer “pings” the receiving computer and doesn’t get a fast enough response (or any response), it doesn’t waste any more time trying to connect. It is similar to finding that a number has been cut by pressing a key without actually having to call.

How to Reduce Ping?

The simplest and easiest method to reduce the ping is to reset the modem, that is to turn it off and restart it. Thus, the line values ​​will return to default and you will be able to get the maximum internet speed offered by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Factors Affecting Internet Speed ​​

Your Internet speed: According to the package provided by ISP (10 mbps, 100 mpbs etc.), the quality of your modem, the quality of the cable between the modem and the computer, the modem and the internet box (box in the building), the reception quality of the modem if you are using Wi-Fi, the quality of the internet in your area Internet speed quality may vary depending on the intensity of use, the quality of your computer or phone / tablet’s internet capture.

How to Ping Test

You can easily do the ping test on our website hiztestix.com .

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