Best FREE Network Monitoring Tools – Software and APM 2020

Best 10 Network Monitoring Tools Or APM 2020

Hello friends. We have written all information about the list and comparison of the best website and Network Monitoring Tools or APM 2020.

  • Solarwinds Network
  • PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler.
  • ManageEngine OpManager. …
  • WhatsUp Gold
  • Nagios XI.
  • Zabbix.
  • Datadog.
  • ConnectWise Automate.
Best FREE Network Monitoring Tools - Software and APM 2020 1

In this period of Information Technology, Application Performance Management (APM) monitors the performance of software applications.

What is APM ?

Allows the customer to serve up to the defined level and identifies problems with application performance. Application performance, loading time, response time of the application and so on. You can watch or watch using different categories such as.

Today, with the use of technology, applications are increasingly complex and distributed. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the performance of an application to provide greater satisfaction to the end user.

Best 12 Monitoring Tools and APM In 2020

Here are the full details of the most popular and most preferred Website and Application Performance Monitoring APM Tools.

1: New Relic – APM

New Relic is spread around the world with offices in San Francisco, Portland, Dublin, Sydney, London, Zurich and Munich. New Relic has a fantastic growth rate and generates approximately $ 263 million in revenue for the 2017 fiscal year and shows a growth of 45% over the previous year.

The new Relic APM offers the opportunity to reduce application performance problems.

Performance related metrics as given :

  • Response Time, Throughput, Error Rates etc.
  • Performance of external services.
  • Most time-consuming transactions.
  • Cross-Application Tracing.
  • Transaction breakdown.
  • Deployment Analysis, History, and Comparison.

New Relic supports languages like Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, and PHP. And it also provides performance monitoring for mobile apps, advanced browser performance, and infrastructure monitoring.

=> Visit New Relic Website

2: eG Innovations

Hundreds of organizations around the world are experiencing slow applications, downtimes, code level errors, capacity issues, hardware errors, configuration changes, and so on. He uses eG Innovations’ flagship application performance monitoring software eG Enterprise to solve IT problems. eG Enterprise helps application managers, developers, DevOps and IT Ops staff identify the root cause of application performance issues and troubleshoot faster.

EG Enterprise Key Features:

  • Monitor the digital experience of users as they access applications and be the first to know when their user experience is affected
  • Get code-level visibility into applications using distributed transaction tracing and identify reasons for slowness: code errors, slow queries, slow remote calls, etc.
  • Benefit from deep-dive performance insight into the application infrastructure: JVMs, CLRs, application servers, message queues, databases, and more
  • Auto-discover dependencies between applications and underlying IT components (network, virtualization, cloud, container, etc.) and construct topology maps
  • Isolate the root cause of performance slowdowns using built-in correlative intelligence and machine learning

=> Visit eG Innovations Website

3: AppDynamics

AppDynamics is part of Cisco now; Cisco has completed the acquisition in March 2017. AppDynamics provides end to end, real-time performance of complex and distributed applications.

It has the following key features:

  • It supports languages like Java, Node.js, PHP, .NET, Python, C++ etc
  • Sends the alert for a business critical issue with automatic performance base-lining.
  • Resolves production application performance issues by monitoring each and every line of the code.
  • Using AppDynamics, the root cause of any issue can be easily identified and fixed.
  • Using the alerts and Response, Appdynamics automatically discovers what is normal with the performance.

Visit the official site: AppDynamics

4: IT-Conductor

IT-Conductor is an enterprise-grade IT/SAP Service Management solution in the Cloud providing End-User Experience Monitoring, App & Infrastructure Monitoring, Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Notification, and IT Process Automation. IT-Conductor Automates so your IT Operations can Accelerate! Minimize Noise > Maximize Performance.

It has the following key features:

  • APMaaS (Application Performance Management as a Service): Monitor & Manage SAP WITHOUT Installation, Subscription-based, easy wizard-based setup, Powerful best-practices service management templates will save effort and operation costs.
  • Proactive Performance Management: Pinpoint Problems with Performance & Availability, Unified service level management provides uniform support of new technologies, components, and architectures
  • Automated: Automate Root-cause Analysis by making sense of Application Diagnostics, Integrated Infrastructure provides IT process & runbook automation, including job scheduling

=> Visit IT-Conductor Website

5: Opsview

opsview Application Monitoring tools provide a single view of the entire infrastructure and the performance of business applications. In the digital technology era, multiple applications are deployed at multiple locations so it is a very challenging task to get the performance data and display in a single context.

But opsview makes it easier using its automated and unified approach.

Key Features:

  • Opsview tracks the health and alerts of the application when it is not normal and before the end user gets impacted
  • It tracks the database availability and its connectivity with the client, storage metrics
  • Opsview ensures that business-critical applications are meeting their SLAs
  • It works with other Opsview product such as Opsview Mobile

Visit the official site: Opsview

6: Dynatrace

Dynatrace Application Monitoring tool monitors and manages the performance of the software application. Along with that it also ensures the availability of the software application. All the individual and business transactions are monitored deeply at the code level by dynatrace APM.

It monitors real data, application performance, cloud environment, and infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Dynatrace supports .NET and Java.
  • End to end and code level monitoring is done by dynatrace APM.
  • It delivers better digital customer experience by understanding how the performance of an application is important to business growth
  • It resolves problems proactively before the end user gets impacted.
  • This proactive approach has reduced the time to resolve the issue and it also saves the resources used for identification and resolution of the issue.
  • The performance issue is discovered using artificial intelligence.

Visit the official site: Dynatrace

7: Zenoss

Zenoss is a leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software. It was launched in 2005 with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA. It has three software offerings – Zenoss core (Open source), Zenoss Service dynamics (Commercial software) and Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS).

Zenoss has a huge application monitoring capacity- that it monitors 1.2 million devices and 17 billion data points in a day. Zenoss won the Forbes award in 2016 for “Best Enterprise Software Startups and CEOs to Work For”

Key Features:

  • Zenoss reduces downtime with proactive application monitoring.
  • Resolves the issues with seamless Infrastructure before the end user gets impacted due to the issue.
  • Zenoss can automatically monitor application events and provide immediate alerts & notification.
  • Zenoss can integrate with leading APM vendor such as New Relic, AppDyanmics, Dynatrace etc

Visit the official site: Zenoss

8: Dell Foglight

Dell Foglight monitors the performance of an application across various technologies such as .NET Java. It also provides various analytical dashboards, better user experience, and cross-mapping between an application and the database.

Foglight quickly identifies and resolves the issues related to applications, virtual environment, and database. Foglight can be integrated with different other tools to monitor application performance along with the Infrastructure performance.

Key Features:

  • Foglight supports languages like Java, .NET, AJAX etc.
  • It is used to monitor Application Performance, database monitoring, storage platform performance etc.
  • It helps to improve compliance with the end users SLA.
  • Foglight captures user transactions to monitor the application health.

Visit the official site: Dell Foglight

9: Traceview

It is an Application Performance Monitoring tool for web applications. It provides a deep insight into the application, better end-user experience, and is a very cost-effective performance monitoring tool.

Key Features:

  • Traceview supports Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • It monitors, web applications and SaaS applications.
  • Traceview supports detailed level of code level performance monitoring.
  • It fixes the problem with a real user monitoring system.
  • It supports online as well as email and phone support.

Visit the official siteTraceview

10: Stackify Retrace

Stackify provides application performance monitoring tool – Retrace and with the help of Retrace, Stackify has around 1000 customers including small companies as well as giant organizations like Xerox, Microsoft, Honeywell, etc.

Key Features:

  • It supports .NET, Java and various other frameworks.
  • Retrace can be integrated with other tools and it supports various environments.
  • It is a SaaS-based APM tool and is designed specifically for developers.
  • Retrace identifies the problems using detailed code level performance trace.
  • Retrace maintains the health of various servers and applications.
  • It collects the details of all the applications stack and identifies its impact on performance.

Visit the official site: Stackify Retrace

Bonus 2 add

11: CA Technologies

CA Application Performance Monitoring supports web, mobile, cloud, mainframe, etc. It monitors the application performance and provides greater customer experience. CA APM is available on-premises for enterprise customers.

Key Features:

  • It identifies the problems quickly and resolves them immediately.
  • Easily monitors application and simulates real user transactions.
  • It safeguards the application performance from Mobile to Mainframe.
  • Improvement in digital performance of the application and customer journey.
  • Simplifying and speeding up the detection and resolution of the issues results in reducing time and efforts.
  • It provides better metrics when compared to other APM tools.
  • It is easy to deploy and stable APM tool.

Visit the official siteCA Technologies

12: Microsoft Application Insights

Application Insights is more focused on developers and is designed to monitor the application performance and to collect data to help in troubleshooting and improving the performance of the application.

Key Features:

  • Application Insights works with .NET, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • It works with Window-based application along with Android and iOS platform.
  • Application Insights is used to monitor the response time for various requests, CPU, network, memory usage, etc.
  • Quickly identifies any problem and finds out the root cause of the issue and fixes it immediately.
  • It has a powerful alerting system such as response time, email, various metrics, etc.
  • It provides various metrics and dashboard to ensure that an application is available and running.

Visit the official siteApplication Insights

Network Monitoring Platforms (NMPs) – Comparison of NMPs from Wikipedia, Network Monitoring Tools Comparison table, [Contents]

  • ActionPacked!3 LiveAction is a platform that combines detailed network topology, device, and flow visualizations with direct interactive monitoring and configuration of QoS, NetFlow, LAN, Routing, IP SLA, Medianet, and AVC features embedded inside Cisco devices.
  • Aggregate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network/application/performance monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other smart building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC, lighting, and time/attendance control.
  • Airwave Management PlatformT (AMP) wireless network management software provides centralized control for Wi-Fi networks. Features include: access point configuration management, reporting, user tracking, help desk views, and rogue AP discovery.
  • AKiPS Network Monitor software provides SNMP monitoring from a single VM at 1 minute resolution on networks ranging in size up to 1 million interfaces.
  • DDoS Platform provides solutions for WAN links monitoring, DDoS detection and mitigation, traffic accounting and graphing.
  • Axence nVision monitors network infrastructure: Windows, TCP/IP services, web and mail servers, URLs, applications (MS Exchange, SQL etc.). It also monitors routers and switches: network traffic, interface status, connected computers. nVision collects network inventory and audit license usage – it can alert in case of a program installation or any configuration change on a remote node. With the agent you can monitor user activity and access computers remotely.
  • Boundary A SaaS monitoring and visualization service that provides insight into: real time (per second resolution) and historical end-to-end performance, traffic and flow analysis, and device performance. It is free for the first 2GB of data (approx. 15 servers)
  • CapMon Network monitoring tool that takes away the hassle of maintaining a Nagios installation. CapMon uses RRD wrapped in Flash to display statistics, includes syslog, dashboard and SLA modules
  • Castle Rock
  • CloudView NMS A Universal network Monitoring System based on multiple standards.
  • Cruz Cruz from Dorado Software is a Single Console for Datacenter and Network Operations of Today’s Converging Infrastructures. Cruz gives administrators and operators critical resource control resulting in improved network and service quality, accelerated network and service deployments, and lower operating costs. The flexible and scalable tool consists of integrated infrastructure management for multi-vendor and multi-technology (servers, network devices, storage) environments. Cruz manages the diverse set of both physical and virtual interdependent resources that deliver today’s cloud and next generation services. The result is comprehensive and automated problem resolution from a single pane-of-glass. Some key features of the solution include resource management, performance monitoring, topology, configuration management, change management, auditing, firmware/OS deployment, one-to-many device operations, and reporting.
  • Cymphonix Network Composer monitors Internet traffic by user, application, and threat. Includes controls to shape access to Internet resources by user, group, and/or time of day. Also featuring anonymous proxy blocking, policy management, and real time monitoring.
  • David system allows you to manage your resources and services through both Intranet and Internet. provide auto-discovering and network topology building features to help keep an intuitive view of your IT infrastructure. Resources, real-time monitoring and accessibility of historical data enable reaction to failures. Configured interfaces for monitored devices allow you to focus on the most important aspects of their work.
  • Domotz Pro is a SaaS platform for remote monitoring and management. It includes advanced network discovery, tcp and snmp monitoring, network speed tests, as well as remote management features such as remote connectivity to all devices in the network and remote power management.
  • dopplerVUe provides network discovery, mapping and rules system enables monitoring of Ping, SNMP, syslog, and WMI performance metrics. Can be used to monitor IPv6 devices. Monitors services such as DNS, http and email.
  • EM7 from Sciencelogic is an NMS integrated with trouble-ticketing, event management, reporting, IP management, DNS and monitoring.
  • Enigma NMS enterprise grade network management and monitoring solution is a suite of functions integrated into single product. It has been installed in many Queensland Government departments, where it manages and monitors many thousand network devices, servers and apps.
  • Entuity provides an all-in-one network management solution for heterogeneous environments and includes integrations with BMC, Oracle EM, HP, IBM and others. Functionality includes discovery/inventory/topology, advanced event management, port/device and flow-based performance, configuration monitoring and extensive reporting.
  • Foglight a Network Management System that enables discovery, mapping and monitoring of network components worldwide.
  • FrameFlow is free server monitoring software that includes system health monitoring, web site monitoring, SNMP monitoring, reporting, alerts by e-mail and customizable dashboards.
  • FreeNATS, is an open-source network monitoring, alerting and reporting system available as PHP source and as a virtual appliance. HPE Network Node Manager a unified fault, availability, and network performance monitoring of physical and virtual devices for enterprise-scale networks.
  • IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor offers users a comprehensive dashboard that watches the performance and availability of all routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices. Users can also quickly identify bandwidth hogs with their Netflow monitoring features for an in-depth network analysis and deep profiling of information on your network.
  • InfoVista Network Performance Management provides service level reporting and analysis tools for network and application performance management.
  • InterMapper Networking monitoring and alerting software for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • IP Host Network Monitor is a network and server monitoring tool that lets you monitor availability and performance of mail servers, internet hosts, database servers, and other network resources. Performance counters on Windows computers can be monitored using WMI. Other supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING…
  • Just For Fun Network Monitoring System (JFFNMS) is FREE and designed to maintain a IP SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs+ Network. It can be used to monitor any standards compilant SNMP device, Server, TCP port or Custom Poller, also it has some Cisco oriented features.
  • KACE from Quest, Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution.
  • Kaseya is a solution for monitoring, notification, and reporting. It includes agentless monitoring of Windows, Unix, Linux, and BSD operating system. It also includes distributed testing, a unique feature that makes it possible to monitor servers, routers and other network connected equipment that are behind a firewall or only accessible through a VPN. (Used to be called Intellipool).
  • kentik is an extensible big data SaaS platform for network monitoring that encompasses flow traffic, BGP, network performance, geolocation and other data types. It provides ad-hoc analysis, anomaly detection, DDoS detection and automated mitigation triggering, and peering analytics.
  • Klogie commercial remote network monitoring system that designed for ease of use.
  • LANsurveyor network and desktop management software providing automatic network maps, asset management reports, network monitor and remote administration and distribution.
  • Lemon is a server/client based monitoring system. On every monitored node, a monitoring agent launches and communicates using a push/pull protocol with sensors which are responsible for retrieving monitoring information. The extracted samples are stored on a local cache and forwarded to a central Measurement Repository using UDP or TCP transport protocol with or without authentication/encryption of data samples. Sensors can collect information on behalf of remote entities like switches or power supplies. The Measurement Repository can interface to a relational database or a flat-file backend for storing the received samples. Web based interface is provided for visualizing the data.
  • LogisoftAR provides is an NMP running under Windows providing device discovery, mapping, fault (using SNMP traps and syslog) and performance management. Reporting is provided in HTML pages.
  • MetaNAV Network Administration Visualized is a software suite to monitor large computer networks. It automatically discovers network topology, monitors network load and outages, and can send alerts on network events by e-mail and SMS, allowing for flexible configuration of alert profiles.
  • Monitoring Genie is a large scale data collection and monitoring platform built for telcos and large service providedrs, able to monitor multiple parameters in 100Ks of nodes in very shory cycles of about a minute using multiple protocols (icmp,snmp,sql,http,telnet,ssh,wmi,registry,open ports…). It can perform actions based on monitoring status changes using conditions and correlation rules. The platform comes with a builtin reporting system and pre made reports, and can extended to monitor any parameter in the supported protocols. The platform can work as a stand alone product or connect to existing management platforms (hpov, tivoli and micromuse, unictenter, etc).
  • MotaData is a unified analytics platform for complete IT Monitoring and Log Management that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and visualization of IT network and security information data.
  • MTD Netwiork Monioring Software brings information from SNMP and non-SNMP devices alike together into an enterprise monitoring system with extensions for video based devices.
  • NerveCenter is a Perl SNMP based true correlation application using finite state technology to walk through network events looking for a cause and effect relationships. Most people use it for SNMP Polling and trapping, but it’s possible to use other protocols like SOAP and WMI as the information interface. Since its Perl it does if/elsif and then logic.
  • Netcool suite offers five product families that support domain-specific IT management, end-to-end consolidated operations and business service management.
  • NetCrunch is An all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor bandwidth, availability, performance and NetFlow. Automatic views and maps. All leading operating systems supported.
  • NetGong is a network monitoring solution allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to monitor any networked device on the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN and receive alerts via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails.
  • NetInfo is a collection of 15 network tools on a single, interface. NetInfo allows businesses to combat network downtime by allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to isolate faults, process diagnostic data and increase internal network security.
  • NetMRI1 from Infoblox automates much of Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM)by collecting and analyzing network configuration, snmp, and syslong/event data, and providing daily actionable issues.
  • NetPrefect is an enterprise class management and monitoring solution designed primarily for managed service providers that uses a variety of mechanisms to communicate with managed entities including but not limited to snmp, wmi, rs232 and icmp in order to collect statistical and state information (e.g. cpu usage, device/service availability etc) as well as executing management functions on the device.
  • NetQoS Performance Center Monitors and provides insight into: end-to-end performance, traffic analysis, VoIP quality, and device performance.
  • NetXMS is an open-source feature-rich network monitoring system that runs natively on Windows and various Unix flavours. It can be used for monitoring entire IT infrastructures, starting with SNMP-capable hardware and ending with applications on servers.
  • N-able provides availability, performance, security and service management to multiple customers from one central Web console.
  • NetCrunch from AdRem, provides visualization of physical network topology; flexible performance monitoring, trending and reporting; event filtering and escalation; SNMP management; web access.
  • NetMechanica1 provides low-cost network masnagement services.
  • Netview
  • Network Mom Availability A Macintosh tool for monitoring, alerting, and reporting on availability and latency.
  • Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) for Network Monitoring solution verifies network connectivity to devices (routers, switches, servers, etc.) and application services (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.) revealing accessibility and network latency. The solution auto-discovers network interfaces, monitors interface traffic and calculates bandwidth utilization. Uses SNMP and if not available then syslog can be used.
  • NeuralStar provides enterprise-class capabilities including NOC level visibility, management of multiple and geographically distributed networks and automatic failover and redundancy for continuous operations.
  • Observium Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring platform supporting hardware platforms and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium seeks to provide a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network.
  • op5 Monitor provides active monitoring of the IT infrastructure – hardware, traffic & services. This includes connected components from servers, routers and printers services such as mail services, web servers and virus programmes. It is based on Nagios.
  • OpenNMS is an enterprise-grade network management platform developed under the open source model. It is designed to scale to tens or hundreds of thousands of managed nodes from a single instance. OpenNMS is an integrated platform providing service availability management, performance data collection (via SNMP, JMX, HTTP, WMI, XMP, and other protocols), event management (internal events, custom events via an XML/TCP interface, and external events via SNMP traps and TL1), event de-duplication, and flexible notifications (via SMTP, XMPP, and many other protocols). The software is free under the GPLv2 license, and commercial support, training, and consulting are available.
  • Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 (originally based on Nagios) and is released under the GNU GPL license.
  • Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 (originally based on Nagios) and is released under the GNU GPL license.
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor enables you to detect, diagnose, and resolve network outages and performance issues. It offers network-centric views that are designed to deliver the critical information you need.
  • Pandora the Free Monitoring System is a Free Software set of programs, set under the GPL license, that monitors and detects network systems using remote tests (ICMP, TCP Sweep, Network scan, SNMP monitoring…), or using local agents to grab application/system datga (has agents for Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows XP,2000/2003). Pandora FMS is able to fire alarms, draw graphs and keep event history for each element using a SQL backend
  • PathSolutions TotalView Root-cause troubleshooting for voice, video, and data networks.
  • Reconnoiter is a monitoring and trend analysis system designed to cope with large architectures (thousands of machines and hundreds of thousands of metrics).
  • Sentinet3 provides networks, applications, systems, environment and security monitoring.
  • ServersCheck is a web based monitoring tool for monitoring networks and servers (e.g. temperatures etc.)
  • Spectrum1 (ex Cabletron, then Aprisma then Concord Communications then CA). Network Tool specialized in Fault Management and Root Cause Analysis engine. Helps optimize MTTR and MTBF.The tool is modular in that it can also monitor/manage QOS,MPLS/VPN,Multicast Network, Device Configurations.
  • StableNet Carrier-Grade performance management tool, built upon open standards. Supports active (Ping, SAA) and passive (SNMP, RMON, NetFlow, SFlow) measurements. Integrated topology/inventory, SLA/SLM, reporting.
  • Switch Center Network management and monitoring software using SNMP (v1-3) network devices from any vendor including network discovery, logical and physical (Layer 2/3) network topology mapping, performance monitoring, real-time reports and pro-active alerts.
  • SysOrb monitors both network equipment and servers/applications and is accessed via a web interface. Monitoring is done with Agents and IP and SNMP polling. SysOrb comes with an embedded database for stats, alert notification module, report generator etc.
  • SysUpTime is a free distributed network/systems management product. It provides users out-of-box capabilities to efficiently and proactively manage networks of any size.
  • Tembria Tembria Server Monitor is an affordable server monitoring platform with deep support for Windows server monitoring plus support for Linux and SNMP devices too.
  • The Dude is a free network monitor will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.
  • TruePath Technologies LMS is a web based monitoring and reporting tool that focuses on carrier, Metro (MEF), OAM and 1731 type monitoring. It has a built-in end-user portal and multi-threaded polling engine for fast, reliable monitoring.
  • Uptrends Infra is a network monitoring solution/platform. With Uptrends Infra you can monitor network protocols and network devices.
  • Vallum Halo Manager is a web-based network monitor tool, based on GMI agent technology, suitable for small networks or distributed management of many subnets, featuring continuous polling of ping and GMI devices, auto-discovery, alerting, and performance metrics.
  • Verax NMS is a service availability and performance monitoring system supporting a range of network elements (e.g. Windows and Linux hosts, ATM switches, Brocade and Juniper routers, ADVA Optical Networking FSP), applications (e.g. Apache Tomcat and WebSphere servers, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases), virtualisation (e.g. VMware vSphere) and data center devices (incl. power supplies, air conditioning, sensors and detectors).
  • WhatsUp Gold discovers and maps your network, uses SNMP v1-3, WMI and custom scripts to monitor resources and applications on your devices, notifies you via email, SMS, pager, etc., when problems occur, and provides historical and real-time reporting through a Windows console interface, full Web interface, and mobile interface. WhatsUp Gold is available for single networks and as a distributed solution for managing large, geographically dispersed networks
  • Zoho Corp ManageEngine OpManager network management software.
  • Zyrion Traverse a network, application & server monitoring platform with open API, correlated views of IT “services” and integration with flow analysis tools.

Monitoring Tools Integrated with NMP [Contents]

  • Ciscoworks
  • Optimal Networks.
  • ScriptLogic Perspective has several tools including Network Traffic Analysis, VoIP monitoring and Wireless monitoring.
  • Solarwinds has several tools including: Server Application Monitor, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, VoIP Monitor, Wireless Network Monitor.

Commercial Monitoring Tools, not integrated with an NMP

Analyzer/Sniffer | Application/Services/Systems monitoring (Hosted/managed monitoring services) | BGP | Emulators | Flow Monitoring | FTP | IP Address/Asset Management | IT Search | Network Security tools | SNMP Tools | Topology/Mapping/Traceroute | VOIP | Video-over-IP

  • AlertCenter provides monitoring, alerting and corrective action automation scheduling. It is part of the MKS Toolkit.
  • AlertSite measures, diagnoses, notifies and reports on the availability and performance of servers, URLs, web applications and virtually any Internet connected device or application.
  • Analyzer/Sniffers, see also public domain capture tools.
    • All-in-one Netwflow Anslyzer PRTG monitors your bandwidth and traffic, supports all different NetFlow versions, monitors all important flow protocols.
    • Anritsu provide the MD1230 portable network and IP network performance monitor.
    • Anue Systems acquired by Ixia 2012, makes a Net Tool Optimizer that is used to connect multiple monitoring tools to a network link, or one tool to multiple links. This is a hardware device. It is similar to Gigamon.
    • APCON, manufactures a physical layer matrix switch to remotely move and share network monitoring tools using a software interface or scripting.
    • AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive network monitoring tool which is expert in packet sniffing and analyzing.
    • Capsa performs real-time packet capturing, 24/7 network monitoring, protocol analysis, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosis.
    • CommView is a program for monitoring Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) activity capable of capturing and analyzing network packets. It gathers information about data passing through your dial-up connection or Ethernet card and decodes the analyzed data.
    • Cubro provide a network processor based packet handling engine (packetmaster) and software to sniff and analyze packets on multiple links and can eliminate duplicates appearing on multiple links.
    • Distinct Network Monitor is a software packet capture and network protocol analyzer for Windows that translates complex protocol negotiation into natural language, pinpointing where errors occurred.
    • Easy Service Monitor (ESM) will monitor network services to see if they can work properly with a predefined time interval. It runs on Windows.
    • EffeDetect an HTTP packet sniffer, protocol analyzer and file reassembly software based on windows platform. Unlike most other sniffers, it is dedicated to capture IP packets containing HTTP protocol, rebuild the HTTP sessions, and reassemble files sent through HTTP protocol. Its smart real-time analyzer enables on-the-fly content viewing while capture, analyze, parse and decode HTTP protocol.
    • EtherDetect provides a connection-oriented view for analyzing packets.
    • Etherpeek/Omnipeek for Windows is an Ethernet network traffic and protocol analyzer designed to assist in troubleshooting and debugging mixed-platform, multi-protocol networks.
    • ExtraHop analyzes all L2-L7 communications in real-time across all application tiers transforming unstructured packet data into structured wire data. It does this by first reassembling every packet from every transaction back into its original stream and does this on both directions of the transaction flow – tying both sides of the conversation together in order to gain insights into what’s happening in the network. Protocol decoders are then run against the reassembled transactions (comes with 45 built-in decoders and more can be rapidly created from rules you set in the device).
    • Finisar provide sniffer like stand alone network test and monitoring devices for 10/100/1G and iSCSI, Infiniband and Fiber Channel.
    • Garland Technology network TAPs” are hardware devices that feed packets to one or many network tools through breakout, aggregation, or rengeration/SPAN for 10/100/1000M Copper to 1000G fiber optic networks.
    • Gigamon Provide a hardware switch to enable connecting a sniffer to multiple links.
    • IPCopper provide an appliance for monitoring network trafic by sniffing it.
    • IP Traffic Monitor provides real-time information about network utilization for each application and store information into a database for history review.
    • Javvin Packet Analyzer software-based network analyzer monitors Ethernet and WLAN traffic in real time, and decode packets and displays in.
    • LANExplorer simple-to-use application that lets you inspect information on computers connected to you via LAN.
    • LANGuardian is a deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on network and user activity.
    • LANSurveyor SolarWinds automatically discovers your LAN or WAN and produces comprehensive, easy-to-view network diagrams that integrate OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology data including switch-to-switch, switch-to-node, and switch-to-router port connections.
    • LANWatch Windows software-based network packet analyzer monitors traffic in real time and displays a wide range of statistics in graphical form.
    • LinkFerret tools are designed to provide a comprehensive set of monitoring utilities and packet sniffers to be used for capture, statistical analysis, and protocol decoding in your Ethernet network. It runs on Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP.
    • NetAlly sets a standard for network analysis and performance testing. It includes tools like LinkRunner®, LinkSprinter®, AirCheck™, and EtherScope nXG.
    • Netquest OptiCop Converger: Optimizes Network traffic for better utilization of network monitoring tools through the use of link aggregation, packet filtering and interface/protocol translations capabilities.
    • Network Probe is a Windows or Unix network monitor and protocol analyzer providing a picture of the traffic situation on your network and enables you to monitor network traffic in real time, hunt down, identify, and isolate traffic problems and congestions on your network.
    • NetworkActive PIAFCTM (Packet Intercepting, Analyzing, File Constructing Traffic Monitor) network traffic analyzer; packet/protocol analyzer, HTTP file rebuilder, graphical traffic mode (graphical overview of current network communications), and traffic statistics mode. There is also a free for personal and commercial use version that provides a network traffic analyzer plus a packet/protocol analyzer and HTTP file rebuilder.
    • NetScope Graphical network visualisation tool with per-second resolution, real-time and historical data.
    • Observer from Network Instruments is a network analyser (Packet sniffer) for 10/100/1000 100/1000 Full Duplex and Multi trunked Ethernet links, wireless a,b an d g, token ring and FDDI.
    • PacketBoy1 is a Win9x/NT & Unix packet sniffer analyzer decoder package capable of decoding many of the commonly used LAN protocols.
    • PRTG Traffic Grapher Windows software to monitor bandwidth usage and other network parameters via SNMP. Has a builit in packet sniffer. Freeware also available.
    • Sniff’em is a Windows based Packet sniffer, Network analyzer and Network sniffer.
    • Ultra Network Sniffer1 for Windows lists network packets in real-time from multiple network cards and also supports packet capture.
    • Unsniff Network Analyzer. Scriptable and extensible network analyzer with fresh new views of protocols URL.
    • VSS Monitoring5 provides a range of distributed traffic capture systems and taps from 10/100 to 10 GigE for complete, selectable and centralized visibility of networks, improving network analyzer reach and efficiency.
    • WildPackets Omni fault analysis platform for optimizing network services and improving uptime on enterprise networks.
  • Applications/Services/Systems monitoring (Hosted/managed monitoring services)
    • AccelOps now FortiSIEM integrated monitoring solution, which does security, performance, availability and change monitoring for data centers and cloud services.
    • Advanced HostMonitor is a system management tool that continuously monitors servers’ availability and performance. In the event of network errors, HostMonitor will alert the network administrator.
    • Alchemy Network Monitor monitors network servers: TCP/IP, ICMP, IPX/SPX, Oracle, MS SQL, NT EventLog, SQL query, HTTP URL, NT service state, maintains log file and sends notifications if the server goes down. Also marketed in Europe as Alchemy Eye.
    • AlertFox website and web application performance monitoring. Supports transaction monitoring of sites that use complex HTML, AJAX, Flash, Flex, and Silverlight. In-depth root cause analysis for trouble-shooting sporadic issues.
    • AppQos Live! from iTrinergy provides rapid answers in identifying, in real time, the causes of poor application and network performance problems.
    • AppDynamics is an Application Performance Management (APM) solution that monitors, troubleshoots, and diagnoses problems in mission-critical apps.
    • Argent Argent has three products – The Argent Guardian, a real-time monitoring and alerting system for NT/2000 servers as well as SNMP-compliant devices; The Argent Predictor, a trend-analysis product for both NT/2000 servers and SNMP devices; and The Argent Sentinel, a web monitoring product.
    • Automate Enables a wide range of automation imperatives encompassing data aggregation, application integration, system/application/network monitoring and problem resolution, disaster recovery, file/data backup etc.
    • BBMonitor Windows bandwidth test software to monitor bandwidth usage and speeds. LAN and Internet bandwidth meter.
    • Catchpoint provides web performance monitoring services relying on synthetic agents on multiple locations around the world and JavaScript based performance monitoring of actual end users.
    • Chariot evaluates the performance of networked applications, performs stress tests of network devices and predicts networked application performance prior to deployment.
    • CleverEye provides an availability monitoring software for servers, network appliances, databases and applications.
    • Congruity Inspector collects and presents network LAN-WAN traffic as hyperlinked relationships. View systems, ports, protocols, applications, and content in a relational context so you can understand how each affects everything else. In 3 clicks, Inspector quickly identifies issues associated with slow network, WAN problems, poor application response, connectivity, access control and security.
    • CueVision Windows based tool to monitor website, servers and network devices.
    • DotCom-Monitor is an External Web Monitoring Service that brings together Monitoring, Reporting, Notification, Escalation and Analysis for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, DNS, FTP, ICMP and SOAP applications.
    • Dynatrace enables you to monitor process-specific network performance metrics like requests and retransmissions to proactively identify connection issues.
    • Edoceo provides network and application monitoring services, built with PHP on top of Nagios, pnp4Nagios and OpenVAS
    • egInnovations provide Enterprise Management Products with capabilities involving the ability to offer subscription based remote monitoring through a web browser console, real time monitoring and problem diagnosis and proactive alerts.
    • EventSentry from NETIKUS.NET provides Real-Time Event Log, Log File, Syslog & an SNMP monitoring solution that also monitors system health (disk space, services, performance, NTP, etc.), file checksums, temperature/humidity. Also includes compliance functionality process and network tracking.
    • Exoprise probvides CloudReady, a hybrid cloud-based network and application end-user experience monitoring solution. Analytics include real-time crowd-sourced network performance benchmarks for multi-tenant SaaS platforms like Office 365, GSuite, Skype, VoIP and other web transactions.
    • Eye-on Bandwidth is a bandwidth monitor designed for scalability, speed and security . It has multiple user levels with different privilegies, and is managed by a web interface.
    • EZ-NOC provides a website monitoring tool using distributed servers around the world. It also includes network monitoring tools like: DNS, EMAIL, WEBSITE, SSL, ISP Speed Test, What Is My IP and Whois.
    • GFI Network Server Monitor Monitors your network & servers for failures and fixes them automatically. Checks Exchange Server, SQL, Oracle, HTTP/FTP, Disk health & space, event logs
    • Hosted/Managed Monitoring Services
      • Alertra Checks (http, https, ping, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, FTP, TCP) web server from multiple stations around the world.
      • EveryCloud a cloud based free tool that checks an organisation’s Email 24/7 and alerts users as soon as there is an issue with the email flow.
      • GMS Live Expert blends traditional IT Help Desk, with remote management software to ensure Reseller Partners, and their end customers have one vendor responsible for services and remote management.
      • LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based automated monitoring tool that monitors networks, servers, virtual environments, applications, and storage from a single pane.
      • monitis provides a “24 x 7” website, applications, systems, network and web traffic monitoring service helping users quickly identify faults and deficiencies to ensure continuous operations of their IT infrastructure and maintain business operations that provide the ultimate web experience. Particularly Monitis provides personalized Ajax dashboard interface, checks server performance and availability, generates uptime reports, tracks visitors, checks CPU, memory and other systems resources, and alerts its users in case abnormalities are detected. External end-user checks are performed from geographically dispersed servers as well from customer locations. Internal checks can be performed inside of network firewalls through smart agents.
      • pingwy Monitoring monitors remotely services like http,https,ftp,dns,telnet,ssh,pop,imap,smtp and alerts you by mail and SMAS when the service goes down by mail. It also allows you to have a precise view of your server’s access and load times upon different periods.
      • SiteMonitor is a website uptime and measurement tools that verifies the performance of non-transactional websites up to every minute from 25 points of presence around the world.
      • Speed Test is a meter that monitors your internet connection, web site, cpu, memory, Hard Drives, Wifi, LAN, Processes and much more all in real time and will store all data recorded into an log, so it can be easily imported into almost any application. This data can be used to help in resolving problems with your internet connection or computer. Speed Test allows you to view the data in many ways.
      • TelcoAlert4 is a hosted solution that monitors and notifies for testing fax systems and circuits.
      • Uptrends Website Monitoring for your website, server and transactions from a global and end-user perspective.
      • WatchMouse offers professional remote server monitoring services from 16 locations worldwide: http, https, ftp, pop, imap, dns, etc. Alerting by email, SMS, IM, and pager. Extensive reporting, also useful for SLA monitoring.
    • Heroix Longitude web-based, agentless application monitoring tool.
    • iGLASS Network Monitoring Services monitors your network’s performance by providing 24/7 NOC monitoring services for your network, servers and critical applications.
    • IMMonitor, is network monitoring software that can monitor chat content, email content and web surfing activities in your network.
    • internetVista remotely monitors web sites and Internet services for availability (http, https, smtp, ftp, nntp, tcp). Notifications sent via email and SMS. Monitoring centres in United States and Europe
    • IPCheck Server Monitor Network Up-/Downtime Monitoring Monitors critical network resources and detects system failures or performance problems. Freeware available.
    • Labtech Software includes the following features: Remote Monitoring, Software & Hardware Auditing, Remote Control, Software Deployment, Scripting, Automation, Auto-fixing Software Update, Ticketing, and timekeeping.
    •”>Leapwork monitor system health around the clock to troubleshoot performance issues. Measure load time and latency, pinpoint slowness, and ensure up-time. Get immediate alerts when something fails and set up automated triggers to integrate with bug management systems.
    • MonitorMagic – Server & Network Monitoring is a proactive monitoring/alerting tool for Windows 2003, 2000 and NT servers, workstations and SNMP devices.
    • N-able OnDemand MonITor Online provides 24×7 proactive network monitoring through status, notification and performance reporting without any network reconfiguration.
    • NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring solution that verifies that the network and the applications are available to users. The system uses dedicated hardware agents that continuously perform end-to-end tests and provide real-time information to the NetBeez dashboard. NetBeez was built to scale, be quick to deploy and easy to use.
    • N-central is an IT governance platform for the mid-enterprise that manages information technology and security services from a business perspective.
    • NetMon hardware box that monitors network/service components including: routers; firewalls; file, web, dhcp, dns, syslog servers. Also provides protocol usage, bandwidth utilization, top web users and destinations, latency, up/down time, TCP/IP services.
    • NetOrbit is LAN and Network monitoring software allows admin to view networked computer screens LIVE and take complete control of a computer and block websites, social media and more.
    • NetVizor provides network monitoring and surveillance software to track workstations and individual users that may use multiple PC’s on a network.
    • NetVizura DNS Checker is a free web service for testing the health of DNS domains and DNS servers. More than 30 tests in less than a minute, visualization of DNS errors and server availability.
    • NetworksA-OK appliance, provides end to end monitoring of your network and applications (web, email, database) performance and security.
    • Obkio is a Distributed End-to-end Network Performance Monitoring SaaS for IT Teams. It monitors Network Performance between offices, datacenters and cloud.
    • Overseer Network Monitor is a W2K network monitor providing easy installation, Microsoft Management Console configuration, and runs as a service to provide rock-solid reliability. Monitors websites, network devices, servers, services, and notifies administrators via Email, pager, cell phone, or net send.
    • PRTG Traffic Grapher Windows software to monitor bandwidth usage and other network parameters via SNMP. Freeware also available.
    • Solarwinds Server & Applications Performance Monitor brings monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities to applications and servers. Discover your applications and get the visibility you need into application performance and the underlying operating systems and servers they run on.
    • Server Supervisor monitors the availability and performance of various network resources. The program applies resource-specific approach to handle all cases from regular local workstations to complex web and database servers. It can be used by several people simultaneously. They can use a web interface to configure monitors and receive custom alert notifications depending on their roles. The program comes with built-in statistics analysis tool.
    • SuperAgent Monitors all TCP application packets as they travel from the network through the data center and out again, providing a way to measure network round trip time, server response time, data transfer time.
    • ThousandEyes1 monitors network performance from synthetic probes installable on-premises or hosted in POPs around the world. Analytics include visual network topologies, BGP routes, DNS infrastructure, VoIP traffic and web transactions.
    • Vigilix event detection and notification software for applications.
  • BGP
    • Noction IRP actively probes remote prefixes for metrics such as packet loss, latency, throughput, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity. Based on these actively gathered metrics, the platform computes a performance and/or a cost-based route optimization. The platform then announces the improved route to the network`s edge routers via a typical BGP session.
  • Big Brother and its clone Big Sister consists of local clients that test system conditions and the availability of network services, and send these status reports to one or more DISPLAY servers where these reports appear as little dots on a web page, or PAGER servers that notify administrators about system problems.
  • DUMeter is a Windows tool to provide a visualization of the data that is flowing through your computer’s network connection. It includes includes a reporting facility, a notifications and events system
  • DSLReports provide measurement reports (e.g. speed tests, security scans, loss).
  • Emulators
    • Anue Network Emulators aquired by Ixia 2012 are used to generate network latency, delay variation (jitter), packet errors, bit errors and other network impairments in order to test application performance over a WAN prior to deployment.
    • LoadView LoadView is a cloud-based, performance testing tool designed to load and stress test websites, web applications, and other public-facing web portals.
    • Netropy The 40G can simulate up to 15 separate links from 100bps to 40Gbps in 1bps increments and emulate latency, packet loss, congestion, and other WAN impairments according to user specification. It can also monitor traffic in real time on all the emulated links. The impairments are configured and applied via browser-based GUI. The engine then forwards packets accordingly between a pair of ethernet ports, allowing for safe and accurate lab testing and validation of applications prior to deployment.
    • PacketStorm IP Network Emulators reproduce the unfavorable conditions of IP Networks and WANs in a controllable and repeatable lab setting.
  • Flow Monitoring
    • Caligare Flow Inspector from Caligare is a Netflow monitor and analyzer with many graph statistics, low level searching, application recognizer and utilization maps.
    • FlowMon is a NetFlow monitoring solution (IP flows), providing wire speed processing with no packet loss, for all types of networks from 10Mbps to 10 Gbps.
    • FlowTraq provides visibility into all flow formats and normalizes content regardless of source or sampling. You can then apply arbitrary filters and views to manipulate the data into security intelligence.
    • NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer is an application for deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. It is based on NetFlow statistics, exported from your routers and switches to NetFlow server. Highlights: Web based Windows and Linux application,Cisco NetFlow 5 and 9 support (or equivalent: j-Flow, NetStream etc.),Flow statistics based on IP subnets, Hosts, Applications, Protocols, QoS, AS numbers.
    • InMon provides traffic flow monitoring tools for high-speed switches. The software is able to monitor tens of thousands of switch ports continuously, producing real-time top flows charts, and site-wide application-level traffic matrices.
    • Intermapper Flows from Dartware is a NetFlow and SFlow collector and analyzer that lets you see exactly where traffic comes from, who’s sending it, and what it’s used for. Runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Unix.
    • NetDetector from Nicksun a non-intrusive network security monitoring product that (when deployed as part of your data communications infrastructure) inspects traffic flows, detects the activities of intruders, sets alarms, makes continuous copies of data from the network, and analyzes every packet in the network in real-time at production network traffic rates.
    • Netflow from Cisco.
    • Netflow Analyzer is a product specifically meant for Traffic Analysis and Network Forensics, therefore, gives an in-depth visibility into the network traffic, bandwidth utilization, top talkers in the network etc from various flows, such as, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, Netstream etc. NetFlow Analyzer also has partnership with Cisco and 3COM.
    • NetFlowAuditor profiles flow data to help organizations quickly identify and alert on network anomalies to help resolve performance problems and manage network security and compliance across business services and applications. Highly fault tolerant, scalable and granular. Learns intensive network profiles with real-time, trending, multiviews, scheduled reporting and alerting. ipv6 compliant. Supports Cisco NetFlow v5/7/9, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream and Flexible NetFlow on Linux and Windows.
    • NetQoS uses NetFlow to identify when and where problems are occurring or occurred, identify viruses using real time reporting, remove unwanted traffic instead of unnecessarily upgrading links, view and plan the impact of applications on the network over time.
    • NetIntercept is delivered as a complete system, with hardware and software pre-installed, and captures in real-time and provides later on demand batch analysis of the data.
    • PRTG Traffic Grapher Windows software to monitor bandwidth usage and other network parameters via SNMP. Supports Netflow. Freeware also available.
    • Scrutinizer NetFlow, sFlow & IPFIX Analyzer provide network traffic analytics by collecting, visualizing and reporting on all flow exports and metadata to deliver fast incident response for both network and security incidents.
    • SevOne Dedicated NetFlow Collector (SevOne DNC) is a dedicated appliance for organizations with heavy NetFlow reporting, analysis and troubleshooting requirements, providing in-depth data about traffic flows in terms of applications, protocols and hosts and their impact on the network.
    • Solarwinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer enables you to quantify exactly how your network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose. Find the bottlenecks, and shut down the bandwidth hogs.
    • SparrowIQ is a real-time network traffic analysis tool for small and medium business. Provides visibility into top talkers and network congestion issues.
    • StealthWatch provides flow-based network performance and security monitoring for enterprise networks.

  • FTP
    • FastCopy provides reliable, secure, bandwidth controlled, automated, enhanced file transfer.
    • Trellian Trellian FTP is a file transfer client that allows you to transfer files between your PC and any FTP server on the Internet.
    • WS_FTP for windows provides a fast and easy way to move files securely (with SSL) over the Internet. there is a client and server.
  • HipLink1 is a one or two-way wireless data and messaging solution that enables software used for network monitoring, field force automation, email, customer support, help desk, to communicate with data enabled wireless devices, including digital cellular phones, PDAs, one-way and two-way pagers.
  • IP Address/Asset Management
    • Inventory Genie is a Discovery based Inventory system, that can automatically build an inventory on any subject (specially network & system inventories ) using simple wizards, parsers and multiple protocols (icmp,snmp,sql,http,telnet, ssh,wmi,registry,open ports,…). It can be used to populates CMDBs. It has many pre-made discovery rules. It has the ability to perform remote actions on selected elements based on the information in its DB, thus enables provisioning.
    • ipforensics is a network administration utility that conducts a passive inventory of IPv4 and IPv6 devices on your local network segment by either capturing live packets off the network or reading previously recorded packet capture files. It can be used to perform passive network enumeration and assist in IPv4 to IPv6 migrations by displaying the number of network devices detected that have only IPv4, have only IPv6 or are dual-stacked IPv4 and IPv6.
    • IP – MAC Scanner enables administrators to fast scan all the connected devices and shows the IP/MAC addresses. It can also backup the scanning results to database for future management.
    • netTerrain DCIM data center infrastructure management, automated network documentation.
    • PC Inventory Advisor automatically queries all computers on your network and reports back with details about OS and hotfixes, installed software and hardware, network alerts and visual comparison of configurations.
    • Raritan dcTrack DCIM Operations software is a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that tracks the assets in a data center and their connectivity to the power chain and network/cable plant providing real-time tabular and visio like visualization of power, rack space, and network port capacity.
    • Remote Asset Tracker is a network inventory and PC auditing software designed specifically for medium and large companies.
    • Statlook Hardware Inventory and Management, Software Asset Management (SAM), User Activity Monitoring, Remote Desktop and IT Helpdesk.
    • Total Network Inventory is a PC audit and Network inventory software for office and large scale enterprise networks. Total Network Inventory interrogates all computers and notebooks on a network and reports back with complete information about OS, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software, running processes, etc. on remote machines. This information is added to the centralized database and network administrators are able to generate reports about each or all PCs (notebooks) on a network. The program is agent-free and requires no software installed on remote machines (laptops).
    • Trogon MAC Scanner Utility to scan and list IP and MAC addresses, workgroup, username, manufacturer of network adapter of all devices on LAN.
    • XIA Configuration A network documentation tool that inventories and audits the configuration of your server infrastructure and tracks changes to your IT environment including Windows, Linux, VMWare, Citrix and more.
  • IT Search/Log Analysis
    • Logentries is a log management and real-time analytics service built for the cloud, connecting to virtually any device or platform to make business insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible.
    • Retrospective provides ad-hoc search and log analysis.
    • Splunk allows you to search and navigate IT data from applications, servers and network devices in real-time. It includes logs, configurations, messages, traps and alerts, scripts, code, and metrics
  • Keynote Systems is a supplier of software and services for measuring and managing the responsiveness of web-based applications. KeyNote RedAlert is aWeb site monitoring service that can perform end-to-end checks of your a site every 5 or 15 minutes. It can also monitor DNS, email, news & telnet servers.
  • MeterWare for Windows 95/NT & UNIX from Technically Elite.
  • NATManager.
  • NEPM (Network Equipment Performance Monitor is a two part software system that captures and analyzes logged performance data from IP networked equipment and reports it via e-mail and web pages. It can be hosted on either a Unix or WinNT system or a combination of these.
  • Network Security Monitoring Tools
    • Fail2ban is an intrusion prevention software framework that protects computer servers from brute-force attacks.
    • GFI LANguard network vulnerability scanning, patch management and auditing solution.
    • Glasswire is a visual network security monitor with suspicious activity alerts, a firewall management tool, and the ability to monitor local or remote computers.
    • IP Geolocation API with Threat Intelligence provides the Geolocation, Organisation, Currency, Timezone, Calling Code, Flag, Proxy, Carrier Detection, Tor and Threat intelligence data from any IPv4 or IPv6 address.
    • Lan-Secure Security Center: Network security monitoring software that provides real-time intrusion detection and prevention by enforcing network policy organization rules and online network users activity management.
    • Network Enforcer Network security software that monitors user behaviors using security filters.
    • Network Mon ACL Analyzer A Macintosh tool for finding errors, matches, and duplicates in Cisco IOS, NX-OS, and ASA access-lists.
    • Nsauditor is a network security scanner that allows to audit and monitor network for possible vulnerabilities,checks methods that a hacker might use to attack it. Over 45 network tools for monitoring, scanning, sniffing, enumerating and gaining access to machines (access to secured shares and confidential files, also detects and logs network access to shared folders).
    • QRadar (now part of IBM) isolates the source and identifies corrective measures for dangers hiding in daily network activity.
    • Sentinel IPS is a device that blocks malware and other threats from getting through by making your network invisible to malicious users.
    • Shodan monitors network security: can discover which of your devices are connected to the Internet, where they are located and who is using them and for what.
    • System Shepherd delivers end-to-end application visibility (from end-user experience to network to application internals). It is provided as a software service that can optionally be coupled with managed services. The level of optional management is flexible. It can range from Managed Alerting to multi-dimensional SLA-based application management.
    • Techout helps companies measure and optimize the speed and availability of critical online applications, from establishing performance objectives to maintaining peak performance, Techout helps companies measure and optimize the speed and availability of critical online applications.
    • Trisul Network Analytics listens to network packets and creates traffic metrics, monitors flows, extracts metadata and indexes packets for real time analytics and incident response.
    • WFilter is an Internet filtering software that can help organizations to monitor and manage all Internet behaviors on their networks. You only need to install WFilter in one computer to monitor your whole network.
    • ZoneRanger from Tavve is a secure network management proxy appliance for the DMZ; it proxies SNMP GET/SET, SNMP Traps, syslog, NetFlow, sFlow, IP status, and TCP port status, delivering the proxied traffic to a network management platform or tool.
  • NetOps provides a set of tools for monitoring, logging and reporting network status, focussing on preventive maintenance.
  • NetScout Drawing on information generated by NetScout’s application-aware probes, intelligent active agents and data collected directly from network devices strategically placed throughout the WAN, SAN, and LAN, the nGenius Performance Management System monitors, troubleshoots, performs capacity planning and reports on the application traffic flowing across the network.
  • NextPointS3 provides the ability t define, measure, baseline and report on service levels at many levels from the core network to end user applications.
  • PingGraph is a multi-threaded graphical TCP/IP network monitoring and diagnostic tool for Windows 95 and NT.
  • SAA Service Assurance Agent built into Cisco IOS allows measuring response time, net resources, availability, jitter, connect time, packet loss and application performance.
  • SNMP Tools:
    • LoriotPro a generic SNMP manager
    • MIMIC SNMP Simulator creates large-scale network labs for development, testing, marketing, training of SNMP-based network management applications.
    • NetVoyant Provides SNMP-based performance metrics for managing network infrastructure, devices, and services
    • OidView is a modular network management analysis tool that uses the SNMP protocol to talk to various agents and devices on a computer network, offering a variety of plug-in modules like a MIB Browser, MIB Manager, Trap Manager, PDU Capture, etc.
    • Open NerveCenter is a network management platform, based on SNMP, that is extensible using PERL. NerveCenter correlates events in real time from network and security devices, UNIX and NT systems and applications to improve availability, performance and security.
    • OPENXTRA has a set of SNMP utilities.
    • Raritan PowerIQ DCIM Monitoring software is a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that enables data center and facility managers to closely monitor the data center environment and power infrastructure, providing alerts, reports, trend charting, and dashboards.
    • SNMP Explorer provides a tree view of your SNMP managable devices, provides a way to talk to or from the devices, provides a flexible log of transactions, and permits you to transact with the devices with simple yet powerful scripts.
    • SNMP Informant is installed on Windows hosts to enable them to provide SNMP information.
    • SNMP Research
    • Unbrowse SNMP. A visual SNMP MIB browser, compiler, walker.
  • TelAlert from CalAmp a package for enunciating alerts and managing via pagers, email, pop up windows etc.
  • Topology/Mapping/Traceroute based tools
    • EdgeScape from Akamai, maps user IP addresses to their geographic and network point of origin. This information is assembled into a vast knowledge base and made available to Edgescape customers.
    • Graphical Network monitor Windows application to show all of your network connections plotted on a map in real-time.
    • GeoBoy Allows you to view traces on a flat map or 3D globe. Incorporate geographical features such as cities, rivers, and political boundaries. Zoom in on areas of interest. Save and restore trace data. Rotate and manipulate maps. Update and customize geographical location cache files.
    • IPv6 and More (Pro) Android App for automated ICMP, TCP and HTTP health monitoring and scanning of IPv6 and IPv4 networks also including network, transport and application layer connectivity tools.
    • NeoTrace provides graphical traceroute information.
    • PingPlotter is an enhanced traceroute program for Windows 95/98/NT/W2K/XP.
    • Route Explorer provides visibility, analysis and diagnosis of IP networks from a routing point of view
    • SMARTHawk4 from Solana Networks is an IP network monitoring and diagnostics tool focused on topology, routing and qos
    • VisualRoute a GUI based traceroute for Windows.
  • VisualPulse from DataMetrics provide realtime and historical reports on RTT & loss.
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
    • AppNeta Uses standard protocols (ICMP and/or UDP) to transmit small packet configurations across the actual path the application takes. These packets vary in size, pattern, and spacing to fully characterize the network path. Detects signatures used to identify the likely cause of the problem, including MTU mismatch, QoS mismatch, duplex mismatch, media errors, path congestion, excessive packet reordering, etc.
    • Best VoIP providers is a directory of all business VoIP providers with reviews from real users.
    • Monitor your VoIP and RTC traffic Real time, SIP3 is an end-to-end solution for real-time monitor, analysis and troubleshooting of network performance in large volumes of traffic.
    • Nectar Services Converged Management Platform (CMP) provides comprehensive VoIP monitoring and management solutions including QoS Voice Quality Management, tailored for Avaya and Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Centers.
    • netrounds is a cloud-based solution using distributed active measurement probes which are easily downloaded and deployed on PC hardware. It supports concurrent monitoring of SIP signalling perfomance and ongoing call quality, as well as live IPTV MPEG monitoring in combination of flexible TCP/UDP traffic generation up to 10 Gbit/s.
    • Nextiva Analytics is a reporting and analysis tool that allows you to access and manipulate your call data visually through customizable reports, wallboards, dashboards, and company-wide gamification.
    • Orion VOIP Monitor proactively analyze VoIP quality across WAN links, as well as monitor the underlying systems and protocols that the VoIP environment relies upon.
    • Prognosis provides systems management software for performance monitoring of IP telephony, VOIP, availability, network management, Windows, UNIX and Linux.
    • Tekno Telecom non-intrusively monitors converged wireline, wireless and next-generation networks (including SS7, SIP, Sigtran, IMS, and LTE) deriving business intelligence and generating network call/session detail records for Troubleshooting, Call Trace, Protocol Analysis, Quality of Service, Inter-Carrier Billing, Fraud Prevention, Revenue Assurance, Roamer Analysis, Surveillance, Billing Verification, and Alarming.
    • Telchemy provides Voice over IP (VoIP) passive call quality monitoring and active Quality of Service (QoS) management. Designed specifically to be embedded into VoIP end-systems, management devices and DSPs, Telchemy’s non-intrusive monitoring technology, VQmonTM, is the only technology to model time-varying impairments and their effects on end-user-perceived quality in real-time.
    • ZTI provide LANTraffic V2 and IP Traffic Test & Measure software testing tools for automatic generation of TCP and UDP traffic.
  • Video over IP

Public Domain or Free Network Monitoring Tools [Contents]

Application Monitoring | BGP | Finger Printing | Flow Monitoring | FTP | Host based network monitoring tools | IP Address management (IPAM) | Mapping | Monitoring Infrastructures | Network Security | Packet Capture/Analysis Tools | Path Characterization | Ping | RRDtool | SNMP | Throughput tools | Traceroute

  • ANL Web100 based Network Configuration Tester tests the reliablity and operational status of your network link.
  • Application Monitoring
    • Alvias provides free monitoring of HTTP, TCP/IP port, ping, SMTP, POP# FTP, web page defacements from multiple networks around the world.
    • MossHe (Monitoring with SSH Environment) is a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a handful of typical/critical internet systems.
    • OpenSMART (Open Source|System Monitoring and Reporting Tool) is a tool to monitor applications with an agent per host. These agents report all there results to a central monitoring console for displaying and alerting. OpenSMART agents can fix some errors (like not running processes) on their own and OpenSMART knows about conditional monitoring (e.g. in a cluster: An application will be monitored only, when the file system is available on this cluster node, too).
    • Serio IT Service View is a free monitoring tool for servers and network devices. It includes standard plugins for monitoring Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Exchange servers, ‘pingable’ devices, log files, Oracle databases, web and web page content monitoring. It can respond to SNMP Traps, and includes its own mib compiler and scripting language for creating your own plugins. WMI integration allows rebooting of Windows servers, restarting services, etc. Realtime graphs and web page status pages included.
    • SpiceWorks is a browser-based desktop that lets you: inventory hardware, software and patches on your network; monitor your network for new software, low disk space, offline servers and rogue users; report on the information you need to manage your network.
    • System and Network Monitor (SNM) is a tool to monitor, graph and alert on computing devices and services. SNM runs on a Windows or Linux device on your network, 24 hours every day. The recorded data is accessed via a user friendly menu-driven web browser, e-mail alerts are raised if a user determined threshold fails.
    • XYMON (used to be HobbitMon) monitors hosts, network services, and anything else you configure it to do via extensions. Hobbit will periodically generate requests to network services – http, ftp, smtp and so on – and record if the service is responding as expected. Through the use of agents installed on the servers, you can also monitor local disk utilisation, logfiles and processes.
  • aslookup tool searches the sequence of AS number specified with the parameter from IRR and indicates the first line of Description of AS Object.
  • arpwatch, if this link fails then you can FTP it from (since this is the master repository it may also be a more recent version than the one above).
  • BGP
    • Argus monitors the Internet and discovers anomaly BGP updates caused by prefix hacking and adversaries via the web site.
    • BGPlay a web based service, freely available to the community since 2004, which allows graphical inspection of interdomain routing evolution using public BGP data collected by and by
    • BGPmon can monitor your prefixes and alert you in case of a ‘interesting’ path change. Recently this has received quite some attention. Specifically after the Youtube hijack and the demo given at defcon.
  • FDBGet This little gadget will try to retrieve the forwarding table entries (Mac to interface number) of switches (layer 2 devices). This comes in handy when you want to know to which interface of a switch a particular NIC (e.g. computer) is attached to. Now suppports parameters for command line use.
  • Dig
  • D-ITG (Distributed Internet Traffic Generator) is a platform (collection of tools) capable of producing traffic (network, transport and application layer) and of accurately replicating appropriate stochastic processes for both IDT (Inter Departure Time) and PS (Packet Size) random variables (exponential, uniform, cauchy, normal, pareto, …).
  • Emulation
    • Dummmynet A Linux and Windows system for emulating the effects of bandwidth limitations, propagation delays, bounded-size queues, and packet losses.
    • WANem is a Wide Area Network Emulator, meant to provide a real experience of a Wide Area Network/Internet, during application development / testing over a LAN environment.
  • FingerPrinting
    • NetworkActive Port Scanner a network scanning tool that can perform UDP and TCP port scans and subnet scans, whois, DNS-dig, ping, protocol scans, and TCP/IP stack fingerprinting.
    • Nmap is a utility for port scanning of large networks, although it works fine for single hosts. OPENXTRA has a version (NMapWin) for Windows.
    • TBIT TCP Behavior Inference Tool
    • sscan performs probes against victim hosts to identify services which may potentially be vulnerable to exploitation.
    • ZMap open source – Network Discovery. ZMap is a fast single packet network scanner designed for Internet-wide network surveys. On a computer with a gigabit connection, ZMap can scan the entire public IPv4 address space in under 45 minutes. With a 10gigE connection and PF_RING, ZMap can scan the IPv4 address space in 5 minutes.
  • Flow Monitoring
    • Argus the network Audit Record Generation and Utilization System. The Argus Open Project is focused on developing network activity audit strategies that can do real work for the network architect, administrator and network user. It is a Unix based Real Time Flow Monitor designed to track and report on the status and performance of all network transactions seen in a data network traffic stream.
    • ASDIC is a system for advanced firewall log and traffic analysis in large TCP/IP networks.
    • Cflowd is an experimental tool to collect data from Cisco’s netflow export feature.
    • Host sFlow An sFlow agent for servers and hypervisors exporting standard cpu, memory, disk, VM, container and network metrics with very low overhead.
    • Nett::Flow is a Perl CPAN module to decode and encode NetFlow/IPFIX datagrams.
    • Netflow Monitor is tool with a nice web interface for processing and evaluating NetFlow Exports from CISCO routers.
    • NFDUMP tools collect and process netflow data on the command line. They are part of the NfSen project. The goal of the design is to able to analyze netflow data from the past as well as to track interesting traffic patterns continuously. The amount of time back in the past is limited only by the disk space available for all the netflow data. The tools are optimized for speed for efficient filtering. The filter rules look familiar to the syntax of tcpdump (pcap like).
    • NfSen A graphical web based front end for the nfdump netflow tools that allows you to: dDisplay your netflow data: Flows, Packets and Bytes using RRD (Round Robin Database); navigate through the netflow data; process the netflow data within the specified time span; create history as well as continuous profiles; set alerts, based on various conditions; write your own plugins to process netflow data on a regular interval.
    • sFlow-RT A programmable engine for real-time flow-analytics with sub-second reaction time, optimized for closed-loop-control using BGP, OpenFlow and more. Free for non-production use.
  • FTP is the standard File Transfer Protocol. See also Commercial FTP tools.
    • bbcp a secure peer to peer file copy program supporting large windows and multiple streams. See also the presentation.
    • BitTorrent an aggressive peer-to-peer file transfer protocol/implementation.
    • SafeTP operates by installing a transparent proxy in the Windows networking stack which detects outgoing FTP connections from any Windows FTP client, and silently secures them using modern cryptographic techniques.
    • NcFTP has a popular free FTP client that adds support for firewalls, intelligent ls caching, background and scheduled processing, and Microsoft Windows.
    • RFT Reliable File Transfer Service is a service that allows byte streams to be transferred in a reliable manner. Reliability, in this context, means that problems of less than a certain, user defined magnitude are dealt with automatically. i.e. problems like dropped connections, machine reboots, temporary network outages, etc are dealt with automatically (usually via retry) until they either resume or meet some “ultimate failure” condition
    • vsFTP Re-engineered ftpd server with modern security and performance integrated. Accounts easily isolated using integrated chroot() based configurations, significant reporting facilities, performs well under high loads.
    • WU-FTPD is a popular FTP server from Washington University.
  • Host based network monitoring tools
    • Collectl is a lightweight tool that can monitor network and other traffic and provide a consistent, integrated view of what the system is doing. It can run as a daemon, maintaining a set of rolling logs and optionally can write them in a format plottable by gnuplot or loadable into Excel.
    • Etherape is a graphical network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman. Featuring link layer, ip and TCP modes, it displays network activity graphically. Hosts and links change in size with traffic. Color coded protocols display.
    • Ethergrouik is a free opensource easy-to-use software that enables you to monitor your network activity (like Etherape) for Windows.
    • IPTraf is a console-based network statistics utility for Linux. It gathers a variety of figures such as TCP connection packet and byte counts, interface statistics and activity indicators, TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns, and LAN station packet and byte counts.
    • Ntop is a Unix tool that shows the network usage, similar to the popular top Unix command.
    • PacketTrap is a free network monitoring tool suite including; TFTP, ping scan, traceroute, and port scan.
    • Pktstat a real-time list of active connections seen on a network interface, and how much bandwidth is being used by what. Partially decodes HTTP and FTP protocols to show what filename is being transferred. X11 application names are also shown. Entries hang around on the screen for a few seconds so you can see what just happened. Also accepts filter expressions á la tcpdump.
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
    • NetDB is a Network Tracking Database providing a highly scalable program using SSH/telnet that keeps track of all ARP and mac-address tables across your routers and switches, with many features to ease network management. You can map devices to your switch ports, locate all ports configured for a VLAN and track all of this information over time.
    • Netdisco is an Open Source web-based network management tool. Designed for moderate to large networks, configuration information and connection data for network devices are retrieved by SNMP. With Netdisco you can locate the switch port of an end-user system by IP or MAC address. Data is stored using a SQL database for scalability and speed. It also provide optional use of the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP).
    • Netmagis is an open-source application which allows a network administrator to manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (support for multi-view BIND and ISC-DHCP), delegate DNS management to other people, manage a large number of networks, users, domains, DHCP profiles, etc, generate automatically generated network maps and traffic graphs, and let users assign VLAN to equipment interfaces via a simple Web interface.
  • Lachesis a tool from Intel to monitor and report on response time and packet loss to “landmark” Internet sites.
  • Mapping tools
    • Best commercial ip geolocation APIs is an objective and detailed analysis of the most popular third party IP Geolcocation APIs. It requires you to set up an account.
    • GeoPlot is a light-weight java applet which allows users to create a geographical image of a data set.
    • Mapnet from NLANR/CAIDA is a tool for visualizing the infrastructure of multiple backbone providers simultaneously (Mapnet), and for updating and correcting information that may be invalid or out of date (Mapnet Update)
    • NetGeo is a database and collection of Perl scripts used to map IP addresses, domain names and AS numbers to geographical locations.
    • Network Weathermap provides useful tools for reporting/visualisation of a network’s flows generally.
  • Monitoring Infrastructures (also see Comparison of Some Internet Active E2E Measurement Infrastructures)
    • Cheops is an Open Source Network User Interface designed to unify your network utilities.
    • EDDIE is a system monitoring, security and performance analysis agent developed entirely in Python. Its key features are portability, powerful configuration and ease of expansion.
    • Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids.
    • GNetWatch is a mature free open source Java application that offers real-time graphical monitoring and analysis of network performance (using traffic generators and SNMP probes). The main advantage of GNetWatch is that it can monitor events (like throughput) that change for instance every second : the user can see a dynamic graphical window.
    • GroundWork Monitor Open Source combines open source projects like Nagios, Nmap, Sendpage, MySQL, etc with custom dashboards in one software package for monitoring a range of platforms – Linux, Unix, Windows – & network devices.
    • Hyperic HQ Open Source systems management software designed to monitor, analyze and control performance and availability of web infrastructure including hosts, virtualized guests, services, applications and networks through an easy to use portal and extensible plugin architecture.
    • Nagios (used to be NetSaint) is an open source host, service and network monitoring program. It is designed to run under Linux, although it should work under most other *NIX variants. It can run either as a normal process or as a daemon, intermittently running checks on various services that you specify. The actual service checks are performed by external “plugins” which return service information to Nagios. Several CGI programs are included with Nagios in order to allow you to view the current service status, history, etc. via a web browser.
    • NetCrunch is a completely free toolkit for network professionals, featuring Ping, Traceroute, Wake OnLAN, DNS Info, Who Is, Ping Scanner, Service Scanner, Open TCP Port Scanner, SNMP Scanner, DNS Audit and Mac Resolver in one.
    • NetMeter This application allows you to seamlessly monitor your online activity in terms of traffic speed. The main window of the program is minimalistic and contains a graph that shows the on-going traffic in your network. The download speed appears in red, while the upload speed appears in green. You can also view the maximum accepted speed.
    • Network Status Notifier is a tool for monitoring and logging network status (links,routes, addresses, neighbours…) and executing scripts upon state changes.
    • OSSMON is a web-based monitoring package based on OSSWEB application framework. It supports SNMP monitoring as well as specific services like POP3, SMTP, Ping.
    • PingER End-to-end active measurement using ping to monitor end-to-end performance of Internet links.
    • Polymon is a free Windows/SQL based network/system monitoring solution that has flexible alerting capabilities as well as historical analysis of uptime and all counters and monitor statuses for a variety of monitors such as ping, snmp, Windows performance monitors, SQL, etc.
    • SCAMPI SCAMPI is a platform for passive monitoring. It can use several different hardware monitoring adapters (SCAMPI adapters developed in the project, DAG cards produced by Endace and regular NIC cards). It provides MAPI (Monitoring API) as a high-level abstraction of passive monitoring for easy creation of portable monitoring applications.
    • Scriptroute is a flexible network measurement and debugging system. Measurements are expressed as scripts that run as an ordinary user, and a priviledged daemon schedules and manages the packet exchange. The goal is to allow any user to connect to any server and execute any safe network measurement.
    • Simple Infrastructure Capacity Monitor (SICMD) is a tool to monitor, graph and alert the capacity of computing devices. SICM runs on a Windows or Linux device on your network, 24 hours every day. The recorded data is accessed via a user friendly menu-driven web browser. E-mail alerts are raised if a user determined number of queries fail.
    • skipole-monitor1 allows the user to input host IP addresses, it then pings these hosts every five minutes and displays their status via a built-in web server, on port 8000. It can optionally send email alerts if the hosts change status.
    • Total Network Monitor is an application which can be installed on a server and runs 24/7, constantly monitoring your network computers, servers, ports and services and alerting administrators about arising problems by e-mail, jabber, ICQ etc.
    • Zenos is an integrated, easy-to-use IT infrastructure monitoring software product produced by the Open Source Community.
  • mrtg Multi Router Traffic Grapher. Also available from OPENXTRA.
  • mrtg-ping-probe is a ping probe for MRTG. It is used to monitor the round trip time and packet loss to networked devices. MRTG uses its output to generate graphs visualizing minimum and maximum round trip times or packet loss.
  • NetLogger tools to make it easy to instrument distributed applications and visualize the results.
  • Network Security
    • CERT NetSA Security Suite The Network Situational Awareness (NetSA) group at CERT has developed and maintains a suite of open source tools for monitoring large-scale networks using flow data. These tools have grown out of the work of the AirCERT project, the SiLK project and the effort to integrate this work into a unified, standards-compliant flow collection and analysis platform.
  • NetSpot is a free app for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting on Mac OS X and Windows..
  • netstat a built in Unix and Windows command line utility to display active network connections.
  • NetStat Live is a small, easy to use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data.
  • NetTest Nettest is a secure, real-time network monitoring utility. The nettest framework is designed to incorporate existing and new network tests, and be run as a daemon or an interactive process. Requests for network tests are received via a SSL connection or the user interface and are authorized using an ACL list (in the future authorization using Akenti will also be supported).
  • Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) a web100 Java applet developed to test the reliablity and operational status of your desktop computer and network connection.
  • NPAD (Network Path and Application Diagnosis) is designed to diagnose network performance problems in your end-system (the machine your browser is running on) or the network between it and your nearest NPAD server. For each diagnosed problem, the server prescribes corrective actions with instructions suitable for non-experts.
  • ns network simulator is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research.
  • NIST Net allows a single Linux PC set up as a router to emulate a wide variety of network conditions.
  • 6NOCOL (Network Operation Center On-Line)/SNIPS is a system and network monitoring software that runs on Unix systems and can poll network and system devices. It is capable of monitoring nameservers, web ports, host performance, syslogs, radius servers, BGP peers, etc. New monitors can be added easily (via a C or Perl API).
  • nslookup
  • OWAMP One Way Active Measurement Program from Internet 2. provides one way delay measurements.
  • Packet capture/analysis tools. (see also commercial capture tools) Before using these tools on your site you should check with your network security people.
    • Bro intrusion detection system contains a number of protocol analyzers that can munch on tcpdump traces (or live traffic, of course) and extract high-level application events from the reassembled TCP/UDP streams.
    • Capsa Free is a portable network analyzer for both LAN and WLAN which performs real-time packet capturing, 24/7 network monitoring, advanced protocol analysis, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosis.
    • Comparitech review of best packet sniffers and network analyzers.
    • Ethereal/Wireshark is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows (including Win2K). It allows you to examine data from live network or from a capture file on disk. Also Packetyzer is a network protocol analyzer for Windows, also know as a packet sniffer. It is based on the Ethereal project, but provides a native Windows GUI. Packetyzer can capture from virtually any network adapter and supports many advanced features.
    • IPAudit captures packets in promiscuous mode and is often used for intrusions detection.
    • Microsoft Network Monitor is a packet analyzer. It enables capturing, viewing, and analyzing network data and deciphering network protocols. It can be used to troubleshoot network problems and applications on the network.
    • NetworkMiner is a passive network sniffer/packet capturing tool for Windows. NetworkMiner can detect OS’s, hostnames, open ports, sessions and extract files without putting traffic on the network. NetworkMiner can also parse PCAP files for offline forensic analysis
    • Network Timeout Ntwork Packet Analyzer is an offline version of the real-time network and application traffic analyzer developed by ExtraHop Networks.
    • PasTmon is a passive network application response time monitor utilising packet capture (via libpcap), tracking sessions maintaining transaction state and collecting metrics of server/network response times, segment size negotiation and TCP window size advertisements.
    • Plab is a software platform for packet capture and analysis. It is capable to extract, either from live traffic or from file traces, Inter Packet Times (IPT) and Packet Sizes (PS) inside conversations between couples of hosts. Plab runs under Linux and FreeBSD. It tries to use as few processing resources as possible and it is capable of analyzing traffic traces of hundreds millions packets associated to millions of conversations.
    • sniffit is a Distribted Sniffer System, which allows users to capture network traffic from an unique machine using a graphical client application. This feature is very useful in switched networks, where traditional sniffers only allow users to sniff their own network traffic.
    • Snuffle is a measurement tool for capturing the protocol messages, internal protocol states and to measure implementation performance on networking nodes. Snuffle consists of a set of modules placed in the kernel, device driver and user space. Currently measuring probes for UDP, IP and IEEE 802.11b MAC are implemented.
    • TansuTCP (TT) is a TCP trace utility which listens on a local port and then forwards tcp packets to another server. You can see and save binary / text data to a file or you can load binary data from a file.
    • Tcpdpriv is a program for eliminating confidential information from packets collected on a network interface (or, from trace files created using the -w argument to tcpdump).
    • tcpdump. There is also a version for Windows. tcpillust takes tcpdump file(s) specified at the command line and draws pictures like figures in the “TCP/IP Illustrated” series. You can see sample screen images of tcpillust or screen guide at
    • TCPshow is a Unix based program that parses the output file of TCPdump into human readable text.
    • Tcptrace is a TCP dump file analysis tool written by Shawn Ostermann at Ohio University.
    • trafd is a traffic accounting daemon for Linux and FreeBSD, built on top of libpcap, with accompanying tools to manage its data.
    • Tstat TCP statistic and analysis tool (Unix/Linux based) – allows collecting network performance indexes from passive traffic analysis (i.e. packet traces), at both network (IP) layer, and at transport (TCP/UDP/RTP/RTCP) layer. It can be used to persistently monitor links, thanks to the integration with the RRD database.
    • WinPcap is an architecture for packet capture and network analysis for the Win32 platforms, based on the model of BPF and libpcap for UNIX. See also libcap for windows and libpcap for Unix.
  • Path Characterization & Bandwidth Estimation
    • Bandwidth Estimation Tools a compendium of tools maintained by Sally Floyd.
    • PathChirp
    • Pathload measures the available bandwidth of a link.
    • Pathneck is an active probing tool that can detect bottleneck location of network path. It only needs single end control, and has relatively small probing overhead (33.6KB for one probing in the default setting).
    • Pathrate measures end-to-end capacity
    • Pchar an independent implementation of Van Jacobsens pathchar with more intelligible output. Available for FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, IRIX
    • Pipechar a tool for reporting dynamic network characteristics in particular the bottleneck bandwidth. It is now part on the Network Characterization Service (NCS).
    • STAB short for spatio-temporal available bandwidth estimator, locate congested links on an end-to-end network path.
  • Ping
    • arping is an ARP level ping utility. It’s good for finding out if an IP is taken before you have routing to that subnet. It can also ping MAC addresses directly. It is pre-installed on some Linux installations, but requires sudo priviledges.
    • Colasoft Ping Tool supports ping multiple IP addresses simultaneously and lists the comparative responding times in a graphic chart.
    • fping is similar to ping but is optimized to ping a large number of hosts in parallel.
    • Fpinger Visualizes your computer network as an animated screen that lets you perform administration functions, monitoring, pinging, scanning, exporting, looking for software and hardware over the network.
    • FREEping will ping all your 2003-XP-2000-NT servers (or any other IP address) in free-definable intervals. FREEping will send you a popup when one of the 2003-XP-2000-NT servers stops responding
    • IPv6 and More An Android App toolbox including Ping, Traceroute, Whois, TCP and UDP testing focussing on IPv6.
    • Just-ping pings from 8 locations worldwide to a host you select.
    • MTR (Matt’s traceroute) combines the functionality of the ‘traceroute’ and ‘ping’ programs in a single network diagnostic tool.
    • pathping is built into Windows 2000, it pings all nodes along a route.
    • is a simple Perl script to ping all nodes along a traceroute and provide min, max, avg response time, plus packet loss analysis for 100 and 1400 byte packets. The source is freely available for SunOS, Solaris, Linux, AIX and Digital OSF1.
    • TCP based pings use TCP to figure out the Round Trip Time (RTT)
      • hping2 hping is a command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer. The interface is inspired to the ping(8) unix command, but hping isn’t only able to send ICMP echo requests. It supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocols, has a traceroute mode, the ability to send files between a covered channel, and many other features.
      • Tping also can ping more than one host at a time.
    • hping2 is a network tool able to send custom ICMP/UDP/TCP packets and to display target replies like ping do with ICMP replies. provides a web accessible TCP Ping. It is used to test the reachability of a service on a host using TCP/IP and measure the time it takes to connect to the specifed port.
  • Qcheck (now Ixia) checks network response time, throughput, and streaming performance, by means of thin agents installed on hosts that are to be checked.
  • RANCID monitors a router’s (or device’s) configuration, including software and hardware (cards, serial numbers, etc), using CVS. Rancid logs into each of the devices in a router table file, runs various commands, chomps the output, and emails any differences ( sample) from the previous collection to a mail list.
  • Rider measures available bandwidth, latency, and streaming performance (including noticing consecutive lost packets — a key measure for VoIP) using lightweight performance agents that include a built-in web server. Using a web browser for a GUI provides many extra useful features, such as the ability to save and print results, and the ability to bookmark tests (and even make a page of tests for your intranet.)
  • RRDtool (Round Robin Database tool) is a system to store and display time-series data.
    • Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool’s data storage and graphing functionality.
    • Cricket is a high performance, flexible system for monitoring trends in time-series data. The collector runs from cron every 5 minutes (by default), and stores data into a file-based database managed by the RRD Tool. Later, when you want to check on the data you have collected, you can use a web-based interface to view graphs of the data.
    • ElvinRRD is a tool to provide a mechanism for transporting data across a network and storing it in RRD databases. ElvinRRD is written entirely in Python and works with (and requires) both Elvin and RRDtool. Any Elvin producer (client) can send data for ElvinRRD to store (e.g., EDDIE-Tool); and any RRD-aware software can process the resulting RRD databases (e.g., Cricket, Cacti).
    • Host Grapher II is a light program that uses RRD to draw graphics of Hosts for Network, Processes, CPU, Memory etc. Writing addicional plugins is quite simple. Works on all major UNIX platforms and on win32.
    • NMIS Network Management Information System is an SNMP polling and statistics viewer front-end to Tobi Oetiker’s RRDTool.
    • Orca is a tool useful for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto a directory on a Web server.
    • remstats Remstats is a system of programs to: gather data from servers and routers, store and maintain the data for long periods, produce graphs and web-pages tieing them together, and monitor the data for anomalous behavious and issue alerts. This software is a pretty good hack to wrap around rrdtool as collector and presenter, easy to set up with not to much prerequesits. It only needs a some perlmodules and perl. Its under GPL and is able to maintain and monitor big environments.
    • SmokePing measures latency and packet loss in your network. Uses RRDtool to maintain a longterm datastore and to draw pretty graphs giving up to the minute information on the state of each network connection.
    • Torrus is designed to be the universal data series processing framework. Its has a scalable hierarchical design, with an application-independent core, and highly customizable architecture. Suitable for small installations and for big enterprise or carrier networks. Although most of our users deploy Torrus for SNMP monitoring, it might be useful for data series of any nature. Tobi Oetiker’s RRDtool is used for data storage.
  • RouteViews is a tool for Internet operators to obtain real-time information about the global routing system from the perspectives of several different backbones and locations around the Internet.
  • SNMP:
    • CMU SNMP
    • MIB browser MIB browser is a powerful and easy-to-use tool powered by iReasoning SNMP API. A built-in trap receiver can receive and process SNMP traps according to its rule engine.
    • UCD SNMP public domain tools
  • SolarWinds Free Tools provides many free tools for everydays tasks performed by network professionals. Includes uploading/downloading executabe images to network devices, IP address tracking, syslog server, monitoring of some applications, netflow etc.
  • Spong Son of Pong (spong) is a simple system monitoring package, that will monitor system attributes and network services on a variety of machines. It will gather status reports and contact staff if there are problems. It will also summarize the information and display it via a web interface
  • TCPTune a TCP stack tuner for Windows
  • telnet
  • Thruput tools (also see the FTP tools):
    • BWCTL is a command line client application and a scheduling and policy daemon that wraps the throughput testing tools Iperf, Thrulay, and Nuttcp. These tests can measure maximum TCP bandwidth, with various tuning options available, or, by doing a UDP test, the delay, jitter, and datagram loss of a network
    • gen_send/gen_recv a simple UDP trafic generator.
    • IPerf is a tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth, reminiscent of tools such as ttcp. It was written to overcome the shortcomings of those aging tools and is still supported. There are multiple instatiations:
      • Iperf2 A tool for measuring TCP and UDP network performance from Bob Mcmahon. Documentation includes Iperf 2 vs iperf 3 major differences.
      • Iperf3 Perform active measurements to determine the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks. Also provides some of the history behind iperf, iperf2 and iperf3.
      • Jperf is a Java implementation.
    • netperf maintained by HP, is a general measure of performance of a network. Provides a measure of latency between request and response of generic transactions across a TCP/IP network.
    • Nuttcp is a tool for measuring TCP achievable throughput.
    • RUDE stands for Real-time UDP Data Emitter and CRUDE for Collector for RUDE. RUDE is a small and flexible program that generates traffic to the network, which can be received and logged on the other side of the network with the CRUDE.
    • Tcpspray sends data to either the discard or echo TCP service on the specified host and prints the average throughput.
    • thrulay measures achievable UDP and TCP single stream throughputs (currently only supports Linux) also provides RTT estimates.
    • ttcp
  • Traceroute (also see the Traceroute Servers web site,
  • Free Network Traceroute test and commercial traceroute products)
    • traceroute servers.
    • G performs a traceroute to the slected name or address of a host and provides a Google map of the hops.
    • Gtrace is a traceroute visualization tool that uses a combination of methods to either determine or guess at the physical location of a node in the traceroute path. It is flexible enough to support addition of new databases, heuristics to map IP addresses to physical location and maps.
    • IPv6 and More An Android App toolbox including Ping, Traceroute, Whois, TCP and UDP testing focussing on IPv6.
    • mturoute is a small Windows tool to determine the path MTU between you and a specified host. In traceroute mode it will additionally show you the mtu at every hop between you and the specified host.
    • pathping a Windows NT utility to do a traceroute and then measure to each node along the route.
    • Prtraceroute is a version of traceroute that presents routing policy information together with the real time packet trace obtained from traceroute. It adds AS information to the normal traceroute output, making use of Routing Registry (RR) database information.
    • Scamper is a program that conducts traceroute to large numbers of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in parallel to fill a specified packets-per-second rate.
    • TCPtraceroute uses TCP to a port at the end node to do a traceroute.
    • The tracepath for Linux is like traceroute but does not need superuser and has no fancy options. It does discover the PMTU along the route.
    • Tracerou-nanog has additional features like AS lookup, TOS support, microsecond timestamps, path MTU discovery, parallel probing and others.
    • Traceroute-online performs an advanced online traceroute that maps and enriches output from mtr. Determine transit providers with Geolocation and ASN information.
  • Zabbix is software for application and network monitoring. Zabbix supports both polling and trapping techniques to collect data from monitored hosts. Flexible notification mechanism allows easy and quckly configure email notifications for pre-defined events.

Wireless tools [Contents]

  • Airwave Management PlatformT (AMP) wireless network management software provides centralized control for Wi-Fi networks. Features include: access point configuration management, reporting, user tracking, help desk views, and rogue AP discovery.
  • NetSpot is an app for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting on Mac OS X and Windows.

Web Tools [Contents]

  • Benchmarking
    • Cedexis Radar is a free crowd-sourced community that provides visibility into the performance of public and private Clouds, Datacenters & CDNs, from the perspective of real-end-users globally, so that enterprises can make informed purchasing and architecture decisions. Radar currently collects over 1 billion measurements a day of 32,000+ networks and all major Clouds and CDNs.
    • StressStimulus is a load testing tool used to determine the performance of websites and mobile apps by recording any number of user scenarios in a web browser and replaying them to realistically emulate the application traffic of thousands of users while monitoring key performance indicators and server operation under load.
    • WAPT (Web Site APplication Testing) is a web load and stress testing tool that provides a way of testing web sites, web servers, and intranet applications with web interfaces.
    • WCAT is a Web Capacity Analysis Tool freely available from Microsoft.
    • WebStone from MindCraft measures raw throughput of a standard HTTP workload.
    • Web Server Stress Tool is a powerful HTTP client/server test application, designed to pinpoint critical performance issues in your web site or web server that may prevent optimal experience for your site’s visitors. Supports SSL.
    • WWW performance monitoring
  • Website Monitoring, Also see Best website monitoring tools, The Best Website Monitoring Services and How to monitor your website’s uptime for lists of best website monitoring services that keep a watchful eye on both a domain’s homepage and all of its other directories and subpages.
    • Apica does Load and Performance testing as well as Website Monitoring.
    • BasicState1 is a free hosted service for monitoring the status of http servers. Subscribers can also add popular ecommerce partner sites to their alert specifications.
    • DownorNot shows actual and past information about the uptime of (mainly) popular websites
    • GotSiteMonitor is an external website monitoring service that provides the user with five free website monitors with 5-minute monitoring intervals. It also alerts the user through phone, sms, and email when there is a problem.
    • hostUcan Free monitoring of uptime and performance of a web site from multiple geographic locations. is a web based tool for monitoring web sites and sending alerts on performance or downtime failures.
    • Katalon free software to help you to test and monitor the Web, Mobile apps, & APIs.
    • Malware and Phishing Check Use this tool to check your site against the Google Safe Browsing list.
    • Panopta is a server monitoring service and outage management system for online businesses and service providers, providing the ability to detect outages immediately, then notify the right people about the outage, and finally, give a team the right tools to resolve the outage quickly.
    • Pingdom lets you monitor the uptime and response time of your web site or servers from several locations around the world. See your historical performance and make sure that you have a acceptable availability so you are not loosing customers and visitors. You can also receive SMS and email notifications if any downtime occurs so you can fix any errors the minute they happen.
    • pingometer monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of services and websites. It alerts you if something happens — 24/7/365 — via email, text message, phone call, Twitter DM, or webhook. You can monitor any HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, or UDP service and test web transactions (step-by-step activities) on a site.
    • RandomBytes is a free URL Checker tool – to verify if your websites are down and determine if their content has changed.
    • RedAlert is a Web site monitoring service that can perform end-to-end checks of your a site every 5 or 15 minutes. It can also monitor DNS, email, news & telnet servers.
    • Testomato checks your website and alerts you if anything breaks.
    • SITEImpulse Website Monitoring providing 1 minute availability monitoring. It has 3 monitoring stations on different continents. Email, SMS and RSS alerts.
    • SiteLock Malware Scanner service monitors your website and scans for potential threats like spam and various types of malware.
    • SSL check your web site This free tool will crawl an HTTPS-website (entire website, recursively, following internal links) and search for non-secure images, scripts and css-files that will trigger a warning message in browsers. The number of pages crawled is limited to 400 per website. The results are cached for 10 minutes.
    • StatusCake provides Uptime Monitoring, Domain Monitoring, SSL Monitoring for websites.
    • SuperMonitoring Monitoring website uptime and basic functions (content, file integrity, forms). Instant email and mobile text (SMS) alerts.
    • TurboMonitor is a tool capable of checking your webpage every second without affecting performance, and can monitor the following: HTTP, IMAP, PING, POP3, SMTP, WEB URL. Alerts are sent immediately in the event of failure, and include the reason for failure.
    • WebMon is a website monitoring and escalation service that monitors your sites and services and notifies you when they go down. It also has more features including multi-level escalation, custom dashboards, and custom alarms to monitor slowness or other things.
    • WebPerform provides website performance monitoring and testing services from network locations in major cities across the globe. Drill-down object, host, and component level detail on test runs, reporting, and alerting help companies identify and resolve availability issues and performance problems.
    • WebSitePulse is a Web based monitoring services which monitors networks, web servers, websites, web applications and alerts you when a problem is detected.
    • WebSite up or down checker is an easy tool for webmasters to check if a website is currently offline.
    • WebWalk is a proven dynamic feature that uses synthetic transactions to measure application performance from the end-user perspective.
    • WHSR Host Uptime Monitor Monitor up to 10 sites per account for free, site check every 5 minutes.
  • Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.
  • Plotting tools
    • ChartDirector a chart component control library for ASP/COM/VB/.NET/PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby/ColFusion/C++
    • GDChart Easy to use C, Perl, Python APIs, high performance library to create charts and graphs in PNG, GIF and WBMP format.
    • Grafana open platform for analytics and monitoring.
    • Gnuplot a command-line driven interface function plotting utility.
    • Google Charts.
    • Ploticus non-interactive plotting package for Unix & Windows. Has mouseover and mouse click capabilities.
  • Analysis & Visualization tools
    • Analyse-it is a software add-in for Microsoft Excel that includes over 30 parametric & non-parametric statistics, including descriptive statistics, box-whisker plots, correlation, multiple linear regression analysis, ANOVA, & chi-square statistics for general statistical research.
    • AIEngine is an interactive/programmable Python/Ruby/Java/Lua packet inspection engine with capabilities of learning without any human intervention, NIDS(Network Intrusion Detection System) functionality, DNS domain classification, network collector, network forensics and many others. AIEngine also helps network/security professionals to identify traffic and develop signatures for use them on NIDS, Firewalls, Traffic classifiers and so on.
    • Maple.
    • MatLab.
    • moodss a graphical monitoring application. The core takes care of managing modules (loading and unloading), displaying modules data through sortable tables and diverse graphical viewers, handling user set threshold conditions with email alerts, recording and browsing data history from a database. moodss can predict the future, using sophisticated statistical methods and artificial neural networks, and therefore be used for capacity planning.
    • PV-Wave.
    • SAS.
    • S-Plus.
  • Simulation/Modeling
    • Network Simulator (ns).
    • Xplot.

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